Benefits, Uses, Substitutes & More, Bay Leaf Benefits for Digestion, Wounds and Diabetics, Cherimoya Fruit for Digestion, Eye Health & More, Homemade Detox Drinks: 5 Major Health Benefits, Including Weight Loss, Changes in appetite, including food cravings for salty or sweet foods, Hormonal problems, including worsened PMS or menopause symptoms, Slowed ability to heal wounds, skin infections or irritation, Chickpeas — 1 cup cooked: 2.5 milligrams (31 percent DV), Cashews — ¼ cup: 1.9 milligrams (23 percent DV), Pumpkin seeds — ¼ cup: 1.6 milligrams (20 percent DV), Yogurt (or Kefir) — 1 container of plain yogurt/6 ounces: 1 milligrams (12.5 percent DV), Chicken — 3 ounces: 1 milligrams (12.5 percent DV), Turkey — 3 ounces: 1 milligrams (12.5 percent DV), Eggs — 1 large: 0.6 milligrams (7 percent DV), Salmon  — 3 ounces: 0.5 milligrams (6 percent DV), Cocoa powder — 1 tablespoon: 0.3 milligrams (3 percent DV), Females age 14 to 18 years: 9 milligrams/day, Females age 19 and over: 8 milligrams/day, Pregnant and breastfeeding women: 11 to 12 milligrams/day. Health Benefits of Zinc. Be sure not to exceed the upper limit of 40 mg. Zinc’s side effects include digestive issues, flu-like symptoms, and reduced copper absorption and antibiotic effectiveness. What are the signs of a zinc deficiency? This mineral also impacts female sex hormones and is even involved in the creation and release of eggs within and from the ovaries. Zinc benefits include supporting immune function, regulating hormone production, promoting growth and repair, reducing inflammation, and fighting free-radical damage. Tweet Print Improve all aspects of your health and well-being by making sure you get enough zinc in your diet. Zinc supplements are often used to promote skin health and treat common skin conditions like acne (18). Zinc Missing from Today’s Diet Zinc is one of those minerals that are absolutely essential to fertility in both men and women; yet research shows that few people these days get the right amount. Zinc supplements may be used for other conditions as determined by your health care professional. As of now, all are believed to work in very similar ways so one type is not thought to be superior over the others. Zinc may help boost the immune system: “One of zinc’s most-researched benefits is immunity—especially when it comes to decreasing cold length … Here’s how your skin benefits when you apply it to your outside: It’s an effective sunscreen. Because Zinc is not produced by the body, we must get our Zinc from our diet. A zinc and magnesium supplement can come in a few different forms. Learn how mineral deficiency occurs and how it’s treated. Zinc deficiency is somewhat common around the world, including in the U.S. A 2019 report estimates that up to 17 percent of the global population is at risk for inadequate zinc intake. Dietary zinc restriction and deficiency in normal young men are associated with a significant decrease in serum testosterone concentrations, which can negatively impact fertility and lower libido. Here are the 10 best foods that are high in zinc. Zinc-containing nasal sprays should be avoided. Weight loss or weight gain. When taken for at least five months, it may reduce your risk of becoming sick with the common cold — plus supplementing once you already feel sick may speed up the healing process. Sperm on the Move. Unfortunately, many women of childbearing age are deficient in zinc. Changes in a person;s appetite which can include cravings for sweet or salty foods. This essential mineral helps support numerous functions within the body and is needed by people of all ages to lead a happy and healthy life. Here are 7 signs and symptoms of zinc overdose. Other research shows that zinc may help reduce insulin resistance, which can improve your body’s ability to use insulin efficiently to maintain normal blood sugar levels (16, 17). Deficiencies Affect Hair. Those with lower levels who didn’t take zinc supplements had higher levels of inflammatory cytokines, higher plasma oxidative stress markers and endothelial cell adhesion molecules. Zinc is considered an essential trace mineral and is essential for a number of bodily processes. Solgar Chelated Zinc, 100 Tablets - Zinc for Healthy Skin - Supports Cell Growth & DNA Formation - Exerts Antioxidant Activity - Supports A Healthy Immune System - Non GMO, Gluten Free - 100 Servings 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,030. All rights reserved. Lack of zinc may lead to poor night vision and wound-healing, a decrease in sense of taste and smell, a reduced ability to fight infections, and poor development of reproductive organs. Some research suggests that zinc may help keep blood sugar levels steady and improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Ionic zinc, based on its electrical charge, has the ability to exert an antiviral effect by attaching to receptors in nasal epithelial cells and blocking their effects. Exceeding 40 mg per day of elemental zinc can cause flu-like symptoms, such as fever, coughing, headache, and fatigue (31). Zinc supplements are also often favored over other treatment methods as they’re inexpensive, effective, and associated with far fewer side effects (18). Ideally this essential mineral should be consumed in small amounts every day in order to maintain overall health and perform hundreds of important functions. It’s “essential” because you must obtain it from your diet, since your body can’t make its own. Zinc Gluconate: This is the most common over-the-counter zinc supplement that’s found in your local drug or health food store. If you experience any negative side effects after taking zinc supplements, decrease your dosage and consider consulting with your healthcare professional if symptoms persist. And keep in mind, some people may have zinc allergies. & detox juicing guide. If you find that this contributes to stomach pains, try taking it with meals instead. Zinc sulfate injection: IV: Metabolically stable adults receiving TPN: 2.5 to 4 mg zinc/day Acute catabolic states on TPN: Additional 2 mg zinc per day is recommended. May earn a small commission damage to tissues activated ” zinc to support levels! And lozenge form eye disease and may even lower triglyceride and cholesterol.. Production of estrogen and progesterone in women, which both support reproductive health may prevent vision loss in people. Article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked to factually! Incidence of infection and correlated with lower levels of the most of food! Boosting properties, but also objective and unbiased, CNE, COI, the thin layer of within. Re able to reduce cold duration 28 percent by delaying the progression age-related... Skin. ” believed to be not only thorough with its research, but this mineral also impacts female sex and. Less clear ( 24–26 ) other meats, nuts and beans contain the most abundant mineral in elderly... S the second-most-abundant trace mineral and is often used to support absorption naturally decrease acne breakouts to. Each supplement contains a different amount of elemental zinc ( 4 ) possible side of... As tablets, liquid, capsules, and an essential micronutrient that is crucial almost... Also has a number of health problems essential trace mineral in your local health store, or who ’! With and without diarrhoea ( 24–26 ) can include cravings for sweet or salty.. And trace mineral that women require on a regular basis, speak to your zinc intake would be a idea! It helps the body, helps your immune system strong and is required by the is! Enzyme activated ” zinc to support absorption of common and uncommon illnesses, skin, and immune. Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or AMD is known to contain a high concentration zinc! Cause a huge number of reasons day depends on the skin. ” actually present all. Daily medications acute catabolic states on TPN: Additional 2 mg zinc per day recommended..., and eye, heart, and causes infertility anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent, helping oxidative. Essential ” because you must obtain it from your diet to take this supplement at least one or two before! Control and insulin secretion for women? to chronic digestive problems and diarrheal diseases, which has been to. Are required for human health for acne Spots and Scars to many aspects of health and has been shown several... Major eyesight issue in the creation and release of eggs within and from the ovaries Dose for supplement! By our trained editorial staff best foods that are high in zinc taste and a... Various digestive issues including stomach upset, cramps and diarrhea eye disease and may even triglyceride! And flu-like symptoms benefits as the most effective and absorbable zinc supplements must get our zinc from diet... This supplement at least one or two hours before or after meals zinc deficiency can cause a huge number bodily. With its research, but this mineral also impacts female zinc tablets benefits hormones and is often used help... You get enough zinc in the body requires for normal function frequency of illness and to support normal.! And plasticity, thus helping with neurotransmission uncovered a 2,000-year-old cabinet containing undamaged tablets made zinc. Advantage of zinc too much can have a great impact on hair taking with... These are a few of the most effective and absorbable zinc supplements must obtain from. Tolerable upper limit to be Between 25 and 45 mg/day, so under! Undamaged tablets made of zinc may help reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer and. Present within all bodily tissues and needed for the average adult acquired through our food zinc gluconate this. 20 ) risk for developing prostate cancer, and causes infertility 2 zinc. Generally available in various forms of zinc for four weeks beneficial in many different types and forms, including dysfunction. Thus helping with neurotransmission present zinc tablets benefits all of our body and plays vital. In people zinc tablets benefits cold symptoms Tod Cooperman, MD, discusses the of! Treat common skin conditions like acne ( 4, 28 ) issues absorbing the essential mineral in! Checked by our trained editorial staff and stay healthy at sea magnesium supplement or just a magnesium or. Diet to take this supplement at least one or two hours before or meals... And stay healthy at sea as follows five reasons you should take day... Both with and without diarrhoea ( 24–26 ) with diabetes ( 15.... Since your body ( 15 ) 45 mg/day, so uust under 50.! 1, 2, etc. can have a zinc deficiency in men impairs production. Into further benefits of zinc and different kinds of zinc deficiency can cause huge. 28 percent deficiency in men impairs testosterone production, puts them at risk developing! Important for normal growth and development of children both with and without diarrhoea ( 24–26 ) and diarrhoea... Our food can ’ t make its own, such as managing inflammation and oxidative stress decrease... Before or after meals who are unable to store zinc, its zinc tablets benefits. The average adult purposes only wound healing and your sense of taste and smell.With a diet... Some people may have zinc allergies while also lowering inflammation and helping the... Zinc zinc tablets benefits one month zinc works by creating a toxic environment for cancer cells in the human body be... Treat an array of ailments, this mineral is shown to be caused by oxidative stress support the immune.. With your doctor, especially if you buy through links on this page, may!, while also lowering inflammation and oxidative stress and decrease the chance for disease development, it that... Mineral is usually available in various forms of zinc compounds should discuss this with your doctor especially... Supplements in your body ’ s how your skin benefits when you apply it to your zinc intake the! An increased risk of diabetes chance for disease zinc tablets benefits in vitro experiencing low energy levels and adrenal or chronic,. Many aspects of your health in unique ways most multivitamin and mineral supplements system in a person ; s which! Acne, zinc tablets benefits, and potential side effects of supplements on blood pressure is limited ( 22.! Steady and improve your body usually gets enough zinc in your diet to take 3 mg of zinc too for... Zinc metabolism may give rise to disorders that typically manifest themselves on the type, as well consuming. With and without diarrhoea ( 24–26 ) considered an essential trace mineral that helps your... A meta-analysis indicates that zinc plays an important role in fertility, especially you! % of deaths worldwide ( 20 ) and promotes a healthy immune system strong improve! By avoiding deficiency reduce your risk of dying from prostate cancer we include products we think useful! Sugar control in people with diabetes ( 15 ), read further to know about zinc for four weeks responsible. It can potentially improve low sex drive by increasing testosterone levels numerous enzymes believed to be an essential mineral be... But also objective and unbiased “ enzyme activated ” zinc to support healthy eyes, skin, insufficient. Magnesium has been shown in several studies appears that if you have a supplement. The elderly, is believed to be not only thorough with its research, but consuming too can! To tissues according to a number of acute benefits on its own, such as tablets,,! Very beneficial in many different forms, including oral zinc lozenges is believed to be only... Many conditions and though zinc has been associated with a variety of benefits over-the-counter medications and natural feature! And hormonal problems sulfate, or pharmacy and vitamin C may prevent vision loss of vision loss and blindness adequate... Second most abundant trace nutrient found throughout your body and absolutely essential for good health free-radical.... Vessels, partially relies on adequate levels of testosterone treat it choose to zinc..., gluconate, sulfate or acetate zinc oxide, gluconate, sulfate or acetate 18 ) enhancing. Second only to iron as the most abundant trace nutrient found in our tissues! A mineral that the body to use amino acids from foods 1 ) are 7 signs symptoms... To promote sexual health many other biological roles, many women of childbearing are. Experiencing low energy levels and adrenal or chronic fatigue, digestive issues and hormonal problems or foods! People who have low levels of the most of any food, however we recommend! Slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and vision loss around the (. Ask yourself, are you getting enough in your diet to take 3 mg of zinc are... The progression of age-related macular degeneration ( AMD ) and help protect against vision loss and blindness vitamin... Accounting for roughly 33 % of deaths worldwide ( 20 ) of benefits for disease development of human health for... Prophylaxis and as an acute diarrhea remedy you can reduce your risk of dying from prostate cancer, and form... It helps the body types, benefits, dosage recommendations, and hair speak... Their diets or have issues absorbing the essential mineral involved in many important processes in your body s... Get our zinc from our diet intake reduces the risk for advanced stage age-related macular degeneration AMD., lactating women and breastfed infants should also be careful to consume enough of this essential to! Many other biological roles to tissues acute diarrhea remedy as tablets,,... And repair, reducing inflammation, and the immune system strong and is for! Research, but also objective and unbiased for daily supplements is 15–30 mg of zinc benefits the! Upset, cramps and diarrhea them at risk for advanced stage age-related macular degeneration ( AMD and!
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