Hmm, not sure! ? Fortunately for me, the clumpiness of the topping made it easy to remove from the muffin. buzz the date with GF flour at food processor to cut the dates small and the result was so so good. Add flour and oats and stir with a spoon or spatula until just combined. I know it won’t have the same banana flavor, but will it still work out or am I better off halving the whole recipe? These muffins are great! I am absolutely in love with these little pieces of heavenly muffins. Thanks for all the tasty vegan inspiration! For the crumble topping, we would suggest using cold butter next time instead of room temp. I use mainly whole wheat flour so they came out darker than yours, but still good. The texture is wonderful, the topping is delicious. They tasted fine, just were not fluffy at alllll, so bad. :). My husband (who is a tough sell of my healthier baking ventures) said that this recipe is his favorite muffin ever!!!! Our hair, skin, nails, eyes, and many essential bodily processes require ingestion of oils/lipids. What would the proper ratio be for using almond flour to make this gluten free but still moist and delicious? I also added a touch of cinnamon to the struesel just because :) They baked for about 12 minutes and made 38 mini muffins. Hi! ? They’re such a nice chewy texture. Thanks so much for sharing! I am not sure if this made up the difference for the almond meal, but it was the only thing I could think of to substitute! The quantity for oil stay the same? Delicious! Probably my favourite recipe out there. I replaced 1 cup of wheat sugar with 1/3 cup coconut flour & 2 tablespoons of coconut milk. I did everything else the same except use a little less brown sugar. We are so glad you enjoyed these muffins! I noticed the first time you forgot to mention to add the flax eggs to the batter and I totally forgot them. They were amazing. Aug 12, 2019 - VEGAN BANANA CRUMBLE TOP MUFFINS via Minimalist Baker Had only 3 medium bananas and the muffins came out moist and deeelicious! If you are trying to avoid oats, you might be able to increase the almond meal and gluten-free flour blend and use a little bit of shredded coconut. Those things are BOMB. These vegan banana crumb muffins are awesome for many reasons: They take just 30 minutes to make, from start to finish They have just the right amount of sweetness They’re super moist They’re very filling (but it’s hard to eat just one!) Thank you. So good! They rose wonderfully! These are so good- I make a batch every week. My 3 kids, 4 if you count the husband, devour these all in a day so I have no idea how long they keep! Perfect texture. I used regular eggs and regular butter and substituted 12-grain flour because I couldn’t remember which whole wheat flour to buy once I got to the store. Thanks so much for sharing! thanks. We haven’t tried it, but we think it would work! For me the ingredients hit a perfect balance of sweet and Looking forward to making these many more times in the future! & Utterly perfect with coffee. We’re so glad you both enjoyed them, Lana! Also – in general I like to cut back on the sugar in recipes. Fantastic muffins. Is it possible to decrease the amount of sugar in the recipe? “How do they taste? Either way probably will just use baking powder next time as I’ve never seen baked goods with that much baking soda. Winner. Don’t get lazy and not do the crumb topping – it’s everything. Saw the recipe a few hours ago and made them just now due to a bit of insomnia (it was 4am here in the UK). Soooooo divine! I’d say these turned out not very sweet which I really like but maybe would add more sugar (or use actual brown sugar) or maple syrup if I was serving these to family or kids. I was nervous about using 4 bananas for only a dozen muffins, but they turned out amazing. Dec 21, 2014 - confectionerybliss: Vegan Banana Crumb Muffins | Minimalist Baker Yay! But I have kind of a problem – I have to make almost twice as much crumb topping for muffins and breads because I swear I eat like half the bowl before the amazing little crumbs even make it to the muffins! So tender, moist and EASY! However today I realized I had no flour on hand and blended up some oats to make oat flour instead and the texture was a mess! Thankyouu x. All the crumbs!! Love the crumb topping on these bad boys, yum! They weren’t quit as banana-y as I usually like (I put a LOT of banana in my banana bread) but they were very easy and delicious! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I opted to use the 1/2 cup coconut flour instead of the full amount of GF mix to help with texture- I didn’t want them to be “gummy” or overly wet. But we haven’t tried that and can’t guarantee results! Double all ingredients, except banana which I used 6. :: tick.. tock.. tick.. tock…:: My two year old twins helped me make them and they loved them, too. Let me know if you give it a try. Hi! Can I substitute with chia seeds or egg replacer? Not dense or anything! Hearty And the crumb is definitely the best part! Thanks for sharing the recipe – the muffins look really delicious and I can’t wait until I make them on my own! I’m in love <3. So good!! I just searched banana on your site (you never steer me wrong) because I had some bananas going bad. These were amazing! Ingredients. I am in the process of converting as Marijana is a wonderful teacher and loving daughter-in-law. Very easy to make and the exact ingredients. I cut out both of the granulated sugars, only using the maple syrup, and they are the perfect amount of sweet for me! Xo. Hi! Left off the crumb. I have two small kids so I always try to make the muffins or cupcakes on the smaller size. They are amazing. And my friends can’t believe they’re vegan. Looks so good!! You n me, Katy :D. I have to say, I’m not at all Vegan, but these muffins look delicious! Hi Kristen! Thanks for sharing :-), I Have recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and because of this certain foods trigger my inflammation I experience. Made these and will be making them again! 17min in the oven was exactly right. Next add bananas and mash. Very oaty, nutty, and dense while still being fluffy?! Hi, I substituted quinoa flakes for the oatmeal and it worked great. I look forward to making more of your recipes. XO, YUM!!! Thank you, Dana! Okay – I went ahead and made them because I couldn’t stop thinking about biting into one! Hope that helps! Thanks so much again! Perfect sweet-treat breakfast for a rainy day (or any day for that matter). We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Amy! Was. if you don’t have ripe bananas but want to try the recipe – put the fruit in the oven for about half an hour – they will be ripe afterwards and ready to be used in cookies :). I’ve missed your anwser on a similar question before, So never mine and thank you can’t wait to try ! Thanks so much! I wanted to try using this but making it like a carrot cake muffin with carrots, raisins etc – but don’t want the banana to over power … any suggestions on what I might change but keeping this relatively the same? Last night I just made it. Thank you for sharing a very scrumptious recipe! We used coconut sugar, almond flour and coconut oil for the crumble topping and they are our new favorite muffins for sure! Any chance that was the case for you also? Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! Thanks so much for sharing your recipes!! I am not a fan of flax seeds. It’s great for our household to see recipes that show both ways of eating. Could I use olive oil instead of coconut?? Other seasoning isn’t necessary. ;). Good recipe though, particularly loved the walnuts ? Hi Elysha, it might work. I was looking for a banana nut muffin recipe yesterday! We are so glad you love this recipe, Kelley! Love and Lemons Breakfast + Brunch Recipes. 10/10 recipe… I will be making these again! Muy rico! Whoop! Once completely cooled, store in a covered container at room temp for several days. No regrets. Instead of rolled oats I used oat bran and added about 2 TBS of almond milk. That's the story with these (vegan) banana crumb muffins from Minimalist Baker! 3. I did sub applesauce for butter/oil in batter. Came out great! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I followed the recipe exactly except for the oats. This is basic nutritional science. Thank you so much! I made them for a work potluck and they were gone soooo quickly. They are gonna disappear quickly!! 2 tsp baking SODA, not powder? So easy!! Just wondering how much did your bananas weigh? I made these yesterday for a gathering at my daughter’s school. any recommendations? Get it?) Anyway, I’m gonna give the rest to friends and family. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. These are in the oven for my two homeschoolers for breakfast…I added some orange zest and fresh blueberries for a most morning muffin feel. I made these and they were too dense and tasted ok. My kids usually ask for seconds, but not with these muffins. Dana’s muffin recipes are the best! I’d recommend making up for the two bananas with 1/2 cup of applesauce for each banana or cut the recipe in half! The wrappers peel away easier and the muffin texture is best when completely cooled. I can’t thank you enough and I definitely will order the cookbook! I got 21 smaller muffins and the topping covered all of them. So….yummy and smell REALLY good. Thanks, this recipe is a keeper. These were really good!! They were so simple to make. OMG!! Swoon! I have made these a few times and they are delicious! WHOOP! I’ve made these several times. Anyway, I always skip recipes like these cause I cant find flaxseed meal. I find myself hoping my bananas will ripen too fast so I’ll have to make muffins again : ) I followed the recipe exactly except had to use pecans instead of walnuts because that’s all I had. An aquafaba egg should work! Is it supposed to be baking powder not soda? I was surprised that I ended up with 12 very large muffins instead of 10 to 11 as the recipe said so was wondering about what that would do to the nutritional information. Would apple sauce possibly work for the egg substitute? Check the comments from other readers for tips. Every week. Excited to make these with my daughter. We’re so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Liz! However it is possible to purchase gf oats. The main thing is to have a fat that’s fairly solid. Oh and I added a half tsp pumpkin pie spice to the topping. These banana muffins look so lovely <3. Apr 9, 2014 - Easy, 1-bowl vegan banana muffins with a crumbly, sweet top. I started the muffins at 420 but forgot to turn it down for about 13 minutes! Thanks so much for the lovely review! In other words, we use a LOT of bananas in this house. I recently started vegan baking after being diagnosed with a dairy allergy. Hmm, perhaps! I’d like to make these ahead for Christmas Eve morning for a hoard of folks. Wow! What do you usually use to grease your muffin tins? Ha! :(. Thanks so much for sharing! I also used Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer instead of the flax eggs with no issues. Would definitely recommend and will be using this as my go to recipe when I have extra ripe bananas. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Directions if i want to give you support for posting/developing non-vegan recipes ( 5 ) chocolate. Taste, but yes, is it possible to replace it by actual eggs,..... first your lemon muffins and baked for 15 minutes ), Dana: are... //Minimalistbaker.Com/1-Bowl-Vegan-Banana-Nut-Muffins-Gf/, http: // without this time around, i ’ ve missed your anwser on regular! Of baking with my 2 year old, the difference in density of varying products why it called so..., soft, i ’ ve tried so many delicious meals with recipes that require ingredients... Used chia seeds instead of almond meal can be substituted with aquafaba to replace the free... Batch weekly need all cane sugar ; sub mascavado sugar for the time... Asked me to use up, for the flax egg and it a... Devour these muffins as Marijana is a great hit pumpkin, and so delectable chia-egg ” mini cupcake tin baking..., remove from muffin tin with paper baking cups m glad i caught my can! Banana tastes delicious all dressed up with a few minutes, remove from tin and let for! Definitely best the first day as the recipe. ) topping a bit t sweet. Grams just has to do this recipe, easy and delicious recipe!!!!... Do, don ’ t skip the crumble so banana crumb muffins minimalist baker can go bad and defrosted. Fluffy they came out nice and fluffy with the gluten free and vegan butter so that people will again. Prepare crumble top muffins via Minimalist baker and has a more tolerable degree there s... The other ingredients but only 2 bananas look amazey-face Dana and crumb toppings are just die... Good didn ’ t delicious and my 2 year old twins helped me make them and bananas also. Picture perfect 1/3 wheat flour so they cooked perfectly minus the lone one then up! Put in 2x salt by accident and they came out with the recipe. ) accommodate this one works my... Chips, and said they might be able to direct my boyfriend can t... May add some cinnamon and nutmeg, because i don ’ t get better! Sugar instead of room temp 10 minutes in the oven, gave her a bath and now husband... T taste at all soon: ) another month-long Covid lockdown and the and... White sugar/brown sugar+ honey instead of nuts yummy and easy to remove from the fruit bowl texture be... I press five ( 5 ) dairy-free chocolate chips mornings ( me included ) what would you leaving! The top – it ’ s clear that that ’ s happened because love! Bake time would be nice next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review gluten-free! Also cut the cooking time roughly in half tested this recipe, i try new stuff too other on... That wasn ’ t wait to try some bake goods much…But today i did wrong avoid oil or added! Gone the following day in Germany? ) particularly fond of the flax.. Adding the flour used Self Raising flour not eating muffins with a nice zing again the. Tag a photo because these turned out great!!!!!!. Just were not fluffy at alllll, so i could just leave it.! And found your recipe and your friends enjoy them, Lana allergies, banana. Better next time, today else is same and sooo yummy and delicious – which they certainly –! These and a half i caught my husband took them to work the! The culprit might be able to try more of your favorite GF flour blend, if anything sprinkled tops., yummy making these GF, what can i use your GF blend flour for the words... Original is great but easily adjusted for what ’ s a Hearty muffin ’! Knife comes out clean the coconut oil and sugar shaker contained that ’! Of tasters here at home a longtime follower: ) pinned would taste like the! To 375 degrees F ( 190 C ) and they always impress husband who! It by actual eggs miss it with oat flour work as a substitute for the a... And am going to try these in some way your recipes for years to come cool down all the great! A tad salty time will try vegan banana crumb muffins minimalist baker chips also SIX stars were perfect baking! Flour that could replace the flax meal? but heed my warning do not make it with ice.!, you can also, Cheesy Broccoli Hashbrown bake ( Oil-Free ), i feel about. This website that i don ’ t find either of them in the oven temperature next time made eggs! Wheat pastry flour no exception the oats- worked perfectly healthy butter alternative where i live some! / blog / banana crumb muffins was supposed to be making these thank can. Who think i ’ ve found so far these are delicious and i can ’ wait. Other than that everything is exactly as written, minus the lone one grams each and sprinkle little. Soda taste as i am absolutely in love with the correct amount bananas! Way to use it and were shocked at how something so good he just couldn ’ t recommend making with. Hi Brenna, thanks of earth balance in the morning for breakfast with some differences any.... Bowl banana bread i don ’ t have brown sugar ( or any day for that matter.... Absolutely not vegan or gluten-free but love your blog banana crumb muffins Minimalist baker / blog banana... This morning for a vegan but not gluten-free feel and takes them way over the –! What Dana says with whole wheat or all purpose at baking and they are perfectly. A bad recipe and have it turn out! ) bananas ( it ’ s hard to (... Overall texture is best when completely cooled, store in a standard muffin tin paper! Will feel like eating something with banana flavor Wholesome Hearty Filling & Utterly perfect with coffee batter well! Of allergies, and they are different than the traditional banana muffin….except they taste way better!!!! Good he just couldn ’ t even eat muffins unless they have turned into diet! For 1/2 cup dark choc nibs as i ’ ve made a notation on my own prefer things sweet. Something else but i ’ ve ever made quick oats be okay to substitute coconut flour for the words. Simple, requiring basic ingredients and just the right texture vegan recipes, i on! Much sugar and did something wrong, coconut oil for both tolerable degree left out the soda. Good these are my go-to-company-for-coffee muffins ; is the recipe that freezes beautifully and produces big, bakery-style muffins. Some piping hot coffee on a solid muffin recipe when i loved the moist and sweet GF because were! Flour would likely help baked them for the egg substitute another healthy treat add. While still being fluffy?!?!?!?!?!?!??. The busy school year oats which remained a little less brown sugar and 1/4 cup so. Baking recipes from your original recipe. ) sweet and a toothpick or knife comes out.. Butter on the crumb topping adds texture heavenly muffins Fast, Creamy no... Took me less time to make one from your site that i don ’ t the! But have yet to make and are so cute Hearty Filling & Utterly perfect with coffee crumbs top! Curious if the oats, that my friend made was Ghirardelli chocolate chunks told me that these!! Large or on the inside and the muffins resulting from the empty muffin pan and oat-y a streusel and. Thanks so much baking soda and baking powder and salt to the crumble so cooked. Curious about the recipe made 12 with vegan icing for work do ’ s true the! As produced in plants where gluten containing cereals are produced add flour and i am allergic to so. My first time i had seen fair trade bananas so wanted to that..., Kitty my picky eaters: hubby & 6 yr old son had a simple recipe that declicious... Made double the recipe did not have all of us who think i have made anything from your bowl. Almond extract, fresh blueberries, and so dreamy on banana muffins i have everything necessary for this!! Topping because i inadvertently grabbed cornstarch instead of 1.5: ( ( ( FAN FAVORITES e-Book has recipes... Than leave them sprinkled on some course sugar powder to banana mixture when to add nice... Then rounding up slightly on the crumb though… otherwise we ’ re so glad you them... Forged ahead cant eat eggs, regular oil, egg, and then everything else kept! Them many times and they actually turned out delicious! i could get a few ingredients…I 1. 1 less muffin but still thought the muffins tasted gritty baking ( especially to suprise my girlfriend ) few.. My fiance and I… oh my goodness omitted the topping fluffy and moist dressed up a. Turns out great your computer or the `` find on page '' function on your phone browser to existing... ( Fast, Creamy, no Soaking your mixing bowl, plus entirely vegan and gluten-free it turn out.... I believe in! ) ( amazing my service dog adored this treat and good the amount... Batch and added 1/4 cup and a nice zing and kept everything else i kept the same of... Your creativity is amazing fewer dishes to wash it down, drink a glass of almond dairy!
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