Windows, CMD-line tips, registry tips

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Windows, CMD-line tips, registry tips
Sökord: cmd cacls icacls

Turn off autoplay for USB-devices: uploads/20060622_172848_usboff.reg
Create shortcut "Open CMD Win" in explorer: uploads/20060622_173922_opencmdwin.reg

Start explorer and open "Common Desktop"-folder: Explorer.exe shell:Common Desktop

icacls Foldername /grant *S-1-1-0:(OI)(CI)F /C /T
Using the SID for Everyone (S-1-1-0) we make sure that it will work in all scenarios.

• (OI) = object inherit
• (CI) = container inherit
• F = Full control
• /C = Continue on error
• /T = Match all files and directories below the specified directory