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*nix, Linux etc
*** Setup Kubuntu v7.04 with Virtual Server 2005 R2:
1. Create new VM, and start
2. CD, Capture from ISO (browse to your download) or load from your local CD
3. After Ubuntu 6.10 boots, and the screen goes nuts, Crtl-Alt-F1
4. sudo bash
5. nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf
6. Arrow down and change DefaultDepth from 24 to 16, exit nano and choose to save changes.
7. Alt-f7
8. Ctrl-Alt-Bksp and wait for desktop to appear.
*** Musen funkar ej, men kör installation via tangentbord:
Tryck "alt-F1" för att få upp kubuntu's start-meny, bläddra och välj "system" / "install".
*** Fix mouse problem (i8042.noloop):
Boot into Ubuntu on the hard drive.

- Hit CTRL-ALT-F1 to drop to a console and log in.
- Type sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst.
- Press CTRL W and type end default options, then press Enter.
- The first entry in the list below is the entry containing the information to boot Ubuntu in regular mode.  Find the line that starts with kernel and go all the way to the end of it.  At the end, type i8042.noloop, press CTRL O, and press Enter to save.
- At this point, you can do the same with the other entries, like the recovery mode one if you care enough to bother.  If not, just hit CTRL X to exit nano.
- Type sudo reboot to reboot the VM.
- The next time you boot into XWindows, your mouse should work without issue.  (You should also note that if you happen to upgrade your kernel version, you'll need to make this change *again*.)

*** Hardware Virtualization:
Att testa: Debian med Gnome.

Setting up a Lubuntu virtual machine with virtual box:

*** Manage "corrupt display" in VirtualBox, switch to TTY1 and back:
Switch to TTY1: CTRL-F1
Switch to UI: CTRL-ALT-F7

Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Lubuntu 14.10:

Testkört Linux Mint "Cinnamon"..