Download, Windows software


A list of applications/software that i've tested, or think might be useful in the future..

*** Sfx, mp3..
(rename by freedb)
Medieval CUE Splitter
MusicBrainz Picard, rename via igenkänning:
*** Gfx, video..

Diffractor (organize photos and videos)
VLC Media-player

XBMC Media Center

Shotcut (free cross-platform video editor)
GSpot, find out missing codec
DVD Styler:
(create DVD with menus..)
Wiseval Photophant, batch resize etc:
GIMP - Graphic Editor
Inkscape, vector images..
SnIco Editor (icon editor, snico_eidt_latest_v2.2.8-21-7-2006)
IcoFX Icon Editor
Bugshooting, capture screenshot..
Webservice, edit images:
MuralPix, Wallpaper Changer and Screen Saver
Net Transport, netxfer (save stream): (verkar ej klara realmedia..)
Stream Down (save stream):
SDP Multimedia (capture stream, freeware):

*** OS
Quick ShutDown:
Direkt körbar fil (zip): 2006-02-15_103434_quickshutdown_v26.zzz

(SysJewel, visar datorinfo:

System Tools:

*** SIW (System Information for Windows)

*** A Really Small App (snabbinfo över öppna filer o dyl..)
BgInfo (display info on desktop)

*** Gmail drive:

--------- program med direct download ------
NirCmd - Command line util:
(direct download 2006-01-14_002830_nircmd181.zzz)
CCleaner, clear brower history etc:

*** File tools, editors, plugins..
NVU HTML-editor:
SciTe (text, source-code editor)
(In file "", change line "selection.alpha=30" to "selection.alpha=60")
Peter Franks Renaming Kit (kraftfullt):
grepWin (smidig integration i utforskaren, sök ersätt i textfiler..)
Rename Master (freeware, can use exif-data..)
(wildcard for jpg-exif: ?x_dto:Fyymmdd_hhmm_?)

Versaverter (unit conversion):
Available for Windows & Linux. (64-bit version available.)

IZArc2Go, portabelt pack-prog m stöd för bl.a zip:
(direkt exekverbar fil, döp om till "exe": /bz_bin/izarc2go_381.zzz)
(izarc does not seem to be able to split large files, 18Gb..)
Can manage zip & split in one action, but extract/merge from several CD/DVD is not simple..
Available for Windows & Linux.
ZipGenius: (unfortunately it works via tempfile when creating zip..)
TugZip: (unfortunately it works via tempfile when creating zip..)

FileZilla FTP-klient:
(direkt exekverbara filer: /bz_bin/filezilla_2230a.zzz)
aceftp, freeware, men kod behöver skaffas
MSN Live Messenger EN: (v8.5.xxxx)
A-patch, remove ads from MSN Messenger:
Fring: (free talk,chat, works with MSN Live, Skype etc..)
(bla verktyg för att komplettera path: setx path "%PATH%;C:\New Folder" )
SpeedFan (visa hårddisk temp m.m):
WinMerge (compare, merge text-files):
*** Mobiltelefon
Power Defragmenter (Contig GUI):
Windows XP driver to read/write "EXT2" filesystem (Linux)
Lista dator/servers (även remote) hårdvara via "psinfo" i "pstools":
PDFCreator (open source) (works with Vista & Remote Desktop)
doPDF (freeware): (supports Vista 64-bit, but not Remote Desktop..)
TweakPDF: (can compress pdf-files.)
Diino, gratis fil-lagring
(direkt exekverbara filer: /bz_bin/sqlbuddy_0070.zzz)
CloneDrive v5.3.0.1
(alternativet daemon tools innehåller adware from v4 !!!)
HDD Thermometer
System Beep Off (useful for Virtual Server 2005)
Orbit Downloader (MMS..)
(GigaGet Download Manager:
ImgBurn (create, write iso etc..)
Ultra Defrag:
Real VNC:
NewSID: (rename to .exe)
AM-DeadLink: Check favorites, bookmarks:
Vista Tweak, freeware
FeedDemon (RSS Reader)
Allway Sync (Backup & synch)
XdN Tweaker (XP+Vista):
SpeedFan (HDD Temperature etc..)
Xecutor (automatically run program on shutdown)
Resource Hacker (patch, export from windows dll:s etc...)
GPSBabel (convert different GPS-file formats..)

Agent Ransack

File search util, search within files. Works with "Right click" in explorer..
A good replacement for Win XP's search.
Right click, save & rename to .exe Download%20...    (or visit the mythicsoft site Agent%20Ransack%20...

Everest Home Edition

Hardware info tool.
Everest Home Edition v1.51 Everest%20...
Font Xplorer v1.2.2

Flash Renamer

A tool for batch renaming files and directories.
Follow link to download Download%20...

KILL (from Win 2000 Support Tools SP4)

Kill running processes.. (TASKKILL in Win XP)
Right click, save & rename to .exe Download%20...   

The UNIX Command, but for MS-DOS..
(equivalent with DIR..)

Usage: LS [/FrqRdlt1sSvu] [files]

/F Displays full path
/r Sort in reverse order
/q (Hide directory info)
/R Recurse subdirectories
/l Long format
/t Sort by date & time
/1 List in 1 column
/s (List in 1 column)
/S (Sort by ...)

*** ls /RFuq > file.txt
*** folders gets listed with "[" & "]"
*** blank rows & rows with text "no files" needs to be removed..

Right click, save & rename to .exe Download%20...

Properties Plus

Right click files/folders, change date, case etc..
Right click, save & rename to .exe Download%20...    (or visit the "kish" site Properties%20Plus%20...



File search & replace util, search within files & replace.
Right click, save & rename to .exe Download%20...    (or visit the orbit site ReplaceEm%20...



List size of folder contents.
Right click, save & rename to .exe Download%20...  Follow link to download Download%20...

Treesize v2.2.1 Free:
(free version does NOT handle network drives.)


SuperLink (USB Cable)

USB SuperLink v1.20d
Right click, save & rename to .zip Download%20...    
(Win XP SP1 USB Fix:;en-us;822603)

*** Vista sidebar gadgets:
WinBubble, tweak Vista settings:
"msinfo32", visar diverse info för Windows-dator..
"msconfig", div konfig..

NLSInfo: Shows computer codepage, language setting etc (part of Windows Resource Kit)
MBSA, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer:
Workrave, hjälp att ta paus i arbetet:
(add your own items to right-click in explorer, for 64-bit read:
(change settings, for instance prefer "shutdown" instead of "sleep"...)
(manage Vista boot-options)
(konvertera video, ljud m.m, ex.vis avi,wmv,mp3,wav)
DVD Flick, freeware create DVD:
NVu, free web authoring:
Master your windows:
(system check, auto-size windows, auto-close windows..)
Freeware File-recovery tool:
Command line, search-replace, like "grep", "FART":
Diverse utilities, bl.a för redigering av INI-filer:

ieHTTPHeaders, display the HTTP Headers sent and received by Internet Explorer as you surf the web.
Simple Webpage Capture: (create single jpg of "long" web-page..)
PC Chrono, stopwatch timer utility:
Notepad++ v5.2 Portable with XMLTools: /bz_bin/NotepadPP_Portable.zzz
(rename to ".zip")
ExplorerView (turn off Vistas auto-detection of folder contents..)
Search & replace: Veign "Seeker":
SUMo, Software Update Monitor:
Pidgin v2.55 Portable Zip: /bz_bin/
Download Live Messenger (9):
DiskDigger (file recovery):
TestDisk (recover damaged harddrive):
vDownloader (download youtube etc), v0.82: vDownloader 0.82
Link200 (check favorites,bookmarks):
PSMenu, portable start menu:
HourGuard, freeware Timesheet recorder:
Tyre, freeware for TomTom, Google Earth:
Fotografix: (image editor):
% target="_blank">
LinqPad (SQL Portable utility):
InfraRecorder (burn cd, dvd):
HxD Freeware Hex-editor:
Avanti video converter (FFmpeg GUI):
(WinFF (video converter):
Office Outlook Connector (fo target="_blank">
LinqPad (SQL Portable utility):
InfraRecorder (burn cd, dvd):
HxD Freeware Hex-editor:
Avanti video converter (FFmpeg GUI):
(WinFF (video converter):
WindowSpy: (developer tool)
Wink, screen capture freeware:
.Net Version Detector 2009:
WinDirStat Portable v1.1.2.80 (like treesize but freeware):
NetDrive (anslut mot WebDav, FTP m.m):
Advanced Renamer, freeware:
CyLog, diverse program, cmd-line utils:
(setx funkar sisåär, använd setenv istället..)
SetEnv, Environent variables:
Find locked files:
(also 64-bit)
Wv-player (freeware wav-player):
Moba LiveCD (run Linux Live via Qemu):
Blat, send mail (SMTP) from command-line:
EditVar, set environment variable:
KeePass (store password safely)
Pop Peeper: (email notifier)
jhead, modify/read JPG Exif-data:
Parted Magic (partitioneringsverktyg + cloning?):
GParted (Live CD/USB):
CloneZilla (drive backup software):
TeamViewer (remote desktop, fjärrstyrning):
Screen-capture utility, with editor:
CodySafe, portable start-menu:
(PSMenu är enklare och bättre:
Create bootable USB-stick with Linux:
(Agent Ransack with 64-bit explorer: /forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=270)
SubMagic, subtitle tool:
KeePassX (cross platform password manager):
Unreal Commander:
(finns även länk tidigare till PSTools..)
Metamorphose (file renaming):
[Att revidera i text ovan, Rename Master verkar innehålla nåt adware: Rename Master (freeware, can use exif-data..)]
AltMove mouse manager:
(move, resize windows..)
CrossLoop, remote control pc:
Free FLV Converter:
Shrew VPN-client, ev ersättare för Cisco VPN på 64-bit:
SPlayer (media player):
NexusFile, windows file manager:
muCommander, file manager, cross platform, open source:
Mikogo (conference util):
PhotoJoy (photo viewer, screensaver etc):
StylePix, picture editor:
Zoner PhotoStudio Freeware:
XML Editor (open source):
Task Coach (activity manager, open source):
Tunatic, free music recognition:
Freemake Video Converter+Downloader:
Readon TV/Radio-player (freeware):
Redo Backup Recovery (opensource):
DraftSight, free 2D dwg-editor:
Chameleon Shutdown, Chameleon Folder:
GetGo free download manager:
StaxRip (convert to divx,xvid etc):
Balabolka (text to speech, TTS):
AllDup (find file duplicates, freeware):
aTube catcher (youtube rip, freeware):
Master Commander (file manager, requires .net fw):
The (Amnesic) Incognito Live System (Linux bootable):
Handbrake, open source video transcoder:
idoo Free DVD rip:
RealVNC Free Edition, works as "portable":
(141013: Started using DeltaCopy, updated "rsync-files" from cygwin to fix problem with long filenames.)
ISOpen (iso-reader) and other free software:
Super 2010, convert and play video:
DiskSavvy (disk space analyzer):
(Convert virtual machines, VMDK to VHD and VHD to VMDK for free.)
CopyHandler, seems to be the choice for large files and resume-ability:
Shotwell, Open source photo manager:
jBrout, photo manager, uses XML:
Media Player Classic Home Cinema: (ska funka bra på trötta datorer..)
NSSM - The non-sucking service manager:
Preme for Windows 7:
JPG, Exif editor, Exif-pilot:
Phoxo, photo editor:
Sizer (change window size):
Zoundry Raven (blog client):
Ninite, installera flera program i ett svep:
DarkRoom, distraction free texteditor:
VirtualBox + Ubuntu (run Ubuntu Linux from within Windows..)
inSSIDer2, scan WiFi network:
blat, free command line mail sender (SMTP):
Sample: blat.exe -to <> -f <> -server <smtp-server> -s "subject testing.." -body "body text goes here.."
Direct Folders (use mouse middle button to navigate to folders):
Analyze Mp3 quality:

Conficker Removal Tool (zipped virus removal tool): /bz_bin/cfremover.zzz

Useful for Win 8:

Partitition and format USB to make it bootable:

Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus):

Project management, openproj:

Command-line utils (Jason Hood's):

LTRData, tools and util for windows:
(lmdisk for mounting vhd, vdi-disks etcetera..)

AOMEI partition assistant:

Brava! Free DWG Viewer: